About Us

It has been our great fortune to enjoy the companionship and love of Bernese Mountain Dogs since 1990. Our pedigree program was established in 1994 and it has been and continues to be a very rewarding adventure to experience firsthand the improvements from generation to generation.

Our dogs are first and foremost a part of our family and welcome in our home! They do enjoy time in their own houses we built for them years ago especially in the winter. Our farm has wide open fields with horses, cats and various other critters so the dogs have plenty of room to romp as they have free run to play. On hot summer days you are sure to find them in or around our pond or the cool mountain creek that runs through our property.

We prefer to use the European lines; the well-known and greatly admired World Champion Emerson Van't Stokerybos is the sire of one of our Studs. We are also very fortunate to have a daughter of World Champion Bobby Van't Stokerybos.

Swiss Kisz emphasizes longevity, our focus is on Berner type, substance and prefer the heavier coated Berner typical of the European lines. We have six girls and 3 males that are European Imports. At two years of age our program requires that we do a genetic screening on our dogs and encourage those who have one of our pups to do the same. We appreciate any feedback, as it is important to us to know the influence a particular mating has produced. With this information it will further enable us to make better breeding decisions in our continuous goal for improvement.

Our girls are monitored throughout their pregnancy, given prenatal vitamins and the highest quality diet available. They also receive daily exercise on our walk up the mountain which they love and once retired we do not place our girls in a new home as some breeders do. Swiss Kisz Girls are with us for life as an honored member of our family and home.

One of the most rewarding experiences in our lives has been raising puppies; it is a wonder, a pleasure and quite a joy. Swiss Kisz pups are whelped in our house and will remain there until 4 weeks of age then transferred into a puppy playroom with a large deck, dog beds, puppy toys, waterer, ceiling fan, air conditioner, heat, and more! This allows the puppies to discover, play, and interact in a new environment, and also allows plenty of room for both mother and puppies to nurture. Puppies are taken to the puppy play yard and experience the new sounds and sights on a daily basis weather permitting of course. They also enjoy interacting with the other Berners. It is important to us that each puppy receives individual attention so several times a day they are held, they sit in our laps and are just generally loved on! These experiences help to insure our puppies are confident, social, and well-rounded individuals when they go to their new forever home.

Having puppies is a true delight though it entails a great deal of responsibility, hard work, dedication, and love, all of which we take very serious while caring for and breeding our Berners, as they are a part of our family. It is always heart breaking to see the puppies go as you fall in love with each and every one of them! So it is the Swiss Kisz mission to find the best possible home for them to live out a happy and healthy life.

The support for our little ones does not stop when they leave Swiss Kisz; we are committed to offering support after our puppies are placed in their new home. We enjoy listening to any news about their lives, issues, concerns, and are happy to assist the new owner in any way that we can. We especially enjoy receiving pictures as the puppies grow into beautiful adults. It is quite a transformation to watch!


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