Snowbiz Veterans

Nina is a child in a dog suit. She loves toys, mainly stuffed animals and sleeps with them in her doggie bed. Both Nina's parents are well seasoned show dogs winning both European and International Championships. Nina is an excellent example of the feminine side of the breed. Click here to view Pedigree

Szophie is our Samaika bred girl and as expected has wonderful type with a beautiful and typey berner head and nice structure. Very atheletic, Szophie is swift and agile on the trail and usually will lead the way. She is a wonderful mother to her pups...she is always so sad to see them go to their new homes. Click here to view Pedigree

Everyone who has met Szana wants to take her home! She loves to lean into your legs, sit on your feet and in your lap if you will allow her, and if she knows you well enough she will also sing to you! Extremely typey, she is one of our prettiest female berners. Click here to view Pedigree



Willa is our biggest girl, she is strong and solid. She is extremely intelligent and seems to have mastered most of the English language. She is a wonderful doting mother, and has produced some nice show dogs, passing on to her pups her exemplary conformation and structure. Click here to view Pedigree





Dixi is a European Champion but it is no surprise considering her father is international and World Champion Joker. She had some outstanding pups with excellent type. Click here to view Pedigree











Natalie is a very large girl with a ton of substance and type, and is blessed with wonderful conformation. She is very athletic and has a wonderful, free gait. She is very loyal and devoted and sleeps beside our bed every night without fail. We are very blessed to be owned by our Dutch girl. Click here to view Pedigree







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